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Stomp Rockets

At the end of our field trip to the Museum of Flight, we stopped in the gift shop. I usually avoid gift shops like the plague, but since my father was a pilot, I always have had a soft spot in my heart for the Museum of Flight’s gift shop. Actually, I was kind of excited by my finds there. I actually found an airplane-themed gift bag (my parents were just in town and it was my Dad’s birthday, so the timing was perfect)! I also let Dora pick out one item for herself. She wanted to get a foam rocket launcher set. The museum carried several brands. We settled on the Kidoozie Rocket Zoomer set, partially, because they looked cooler and partially, because they didn’t fly as high as the other rockets – they are actually intended for younger children. We have such a small yard, I didn’t want any that flew too high, as I didn’t want them going over our fences.

Dora loved playing with them, but much to my surprise, actually had quite a bit of trouble stomping on them at first. I had not expected them to be an exercise in coordination, but they most definitely were! So I was even more glad that I bought a set for younger children as I think the older kids’ sets require even more coordination to launch them. We have had one fin come off, but I was able to hot glue it back on fairly easily.

Dora has experimented with putting various other items into the launcher, such as flowers and rocks, and has learned quite a bit about air pressure from playing with the set.

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