Mammal Unit–“My Body” Collage

Mammals Unit at Homeschool Mo 2

This week, Dora and I looked at mammals. We read some great books, which I will post more about later. We then reviewed the basket of mammals that I had assembled from our letter boxes. One concept that I really wanted to impress upon her was that humans are mammals also. So for our craft project we made a collage outline of her body. I traced her body while she laid on the paper. Then we used buttons, fabric, yarn, and colored pasta to decorate her body. She also wanted to glue artificial flowers all over, because she likes flowers so much. While we did not get into labeling her internal organs or anything like that, we did discuss the easily identifiable traits that she has in common with other mammals. BTW, her hands are red, because that is her “nail polish”.

My Body Collage at Homeschool Mo

We also assembled and labeled a Montessori “parts of a horse” puzzle.

Montessori Parts of a Horse Puzzle Labeling at Homeschool Mo

She definitely has the concept of mammals down. Tonight, when Mr. Mo came home, the first thing she said to him was, “Daddy, did you know that you’re a mammal, just like a raccoon? And Mommy is a mammal, and Primo is a mammal, and Secunda is a mammal,  and….”

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