Montessori Monday–Assembling a Flashlight, Paper Punching, and Spindles, Oh My!

Assembling a Flashlight 2

This week, Dora and I started her preschool work officially. She really loves having a room just for her homeschooling work. She was very enthusiastic about the trays I had set out and even did some other work that had been out all summer, but she was never interested in. Our first project of the week was a flashlight tray. To mix things up I put out two flashlights, one that uses “D” batteries and one that uses “AA” batteries. I am really glad that I set out both flashlights! I had thought that the smaller flashlight would appeal to Dora more, which was true, but I had not realized how much harder that flashlight was to assemble. The spring on the top was very springy and she just couldn’t master pushing down on it, while turning it at the same time. You can see in the above photos that she was very determined to master this and tried a variety of approaches. What you don’t get to see, is her falling apart, because she just couldn’t put the top on, no matter how hard she tried (I did not take pictures of this, as I was trying to help and comfort her). She was eventually able to assemble the “DD” flashlight, but it was just a consolation prize, as far as she was concerned. In the photo below, you can see how I laid out he tray.

Assembling a Flashlight 1

We also tackled paper punching. Dora was not able to use the regular hole puncher, but fortunately I had set out some scrapbooking paper punches also. She spent hours on this activity. She would punch out a whole bunch of shapes and then glue them onto another piece of cardstock. I even promised to buy some more punches soon.

Paper Punching 1

For math, she did some spindle box work. She pretty much has this work down pat and I will probably be retiring this from our shelves soon, which makes me feel a bit melancholy.

Spindle Box Work 1

She also worked with the red rods. She got them lined up, but not quite in order. I asked her if something didn’t look quite right and she said, “Oh yeah”. She then proceeded to take one of the smaller rods and add it to a longer rod to make the longer rod the right length for the slot she had put it in. It was a creative solution and a great introduction to addition, if not quite the intention of the activity!

Red Rods Work 1
She worked with the graded nuts and bolts board and I was surprised by how much her fine motor skills have improved since spring!

Nuts and Bolts Board

Finally, she brought out the sound cubes, which really surprised me as she usually is very resistant to all of the auditory, tactile, and olfactory sensorial work.

Sound Cubes

This is another item that I will probably retire soon as it really is rather easy for her. Sigh… I know all to well how quickly kids grow up, given that Primo is turning 21 this week, and I am actually looking forward to Dora becoming more independent, but still it makes me a bit sad to be finished with any of her preschool supplies.

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