Visiting the Museum of Flight to See an Aerocar

The Museum of Flight in Seattle 4

If you haven’t noticed, we have been going on a lot of fieldtrips the last couple of week. This is something I do every year, at this time. September is the absolute best time to fit in field trips. The weather is still fine and since school just started, the museums aren’t packed with public school field trips yet. Our most recent trip was to the Museum of Flight in Renton, WA. Our trip was inspired by Dora’s recent interest in cars that can fly. She really didn’t seem to be able to understand why cars can’t fly. The idea of being able to have a vehicle that can easily convert from road travel to air travel does seem like a good idea, on the surface. I wasn’t really interested in teaching her about all of the logistics that make this idea quite difficult, I just thought it would be cool for her to see that people have actually created such a device. The Museum of Flight in Seattle 5

The Museum of Flight has really grown since we last went there! Dora’s favorite part of the place was the “traffic control tower” where you can listen to flight chatter and watch the planes come and go from the small, regional airport (as opposed to SeaTac, which is the big passenger plane airport in our area).

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The museum has a Space Gallery, but Dora was scared of the area, because it was dimly lit.

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The museum has a whole building devoted to the history of early aviation. This building is actually a two-story barn, which is the “historic birth place of the Boeing Airplane Company” (whatever that means).

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The J. Elroy McCaw Personal Courage Wing has two floors dedicated to World War I and World War II fighting planes. Unfortunately Dora was pooped by the time we got to this building, so I really didn’t get to see much, which was disappointing as it was the only part of the main museum that I have never seen.

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The Museum of Flight in Seattle 25

Dora is too young for us to have seen everything, such as the movies, Air Force One, etc. but she did see a lot of planes…

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…and enjoyed a lot of the museum’s interactive exhibits.

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What about you? Have you been on any fun field trips recently?

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