Montessori Monday: Math Work

Hundreds Board

I have a confession to make. During the last two weeks, I almost gave up on using the Montessori method with Dora. She seemed to have come to hate working in my office and refused to do anything there. So I tried to move some materials out into the playroom, but then she threw a fit and screamed that she didn’t want to do any of this “stuff” anymore. Finally, I started trying to take pictures of the materials in order to sell them, as they require a lot of storage space. Dora had an absolute fit and insisted that she never said she didn’t want to use the materials and that she promised she would work with them. It was then that completely surprised me! She saw some of the more advanced materials that I had set out to sell. She asked what they were and I decided that since I was getting rid of everything anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to let her do some of the materials out of order. First she really wanted to try the hundreds board. Though she finds the teen bead bars and teens boards to be very frustrating, she had no problem filling in the hundreds board all the way up to twenty!

Using a Balance 4

She then asked to use a balance that I had purchased to use with Gohan to help with illustrating equations to him. It was somewhat of an expensive balance, but I decided that she is old enough now that she probably wouldn’t break it. Not only did she do tons of experiments with the balance, she even did some practical life work with it! It has a built in weights set that comes with tweezers to lift out the weights. She loved using the tweezers to take the weights in and out and did that over and over again. She also experimented with putting the weights away in different orders and I realized that the weight set was essentially a mini version of the knobbed cylinders. She had no problem sorting the weights, even though she still struggles with sorting the knobbed cylinders. I’m not sure why she was able to do these so much more easily, perhaps because they were shiny and new? Like the knobless cylinders, the color and texture remain the same for each cylinder, so there were no other clues for her to use to figure out how to sort them…

Using a Balance 6

Finally, she asked to do the most difficult bolt board that we own. Previously, I had told her that she couldn’t do it until she could master the other bolt boards, because her frustration threshold is so low when she can’t do something. Then this week she said, “Mama, let me show you that I can do it.” So I opened the board and let her go for it. Not only could she easily sort the bolts by size into the correct slot, she could easily manipulate the flathead screwdriver, all while talking on the phone with my parents!!!!

Flathead Screwdriver Grading Bolt Board 1

So now I am left wondering if the problem was that I had not been leaving out challenging enough materials. She didn’t seem to have mastered the earlier materials and as I mentioned, gets easily frustrated when she can’t do something, so I had made a point of not setting out too difficult of materials. Now I don’t know what to think. Either she needed more of a challenge or she hit some developmental milestone, because suddenly she was able to do all sorts of activities that she wasn’t able to do last week.

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