Montessori Monday–Color Box 4 and Teen Bead Hanger

Color Box 4

When I first started looking into using the Montessori method with Dora, she already knew most of her colors, so the first color box, which consist of just red, yellow, and blue, was definitely too remedial for her. I also suspected that the second color box, which consists of 11 pairs of basic color tiles, would be too easy for her and we wouldn’t get much use out of it. Yet, I felt that color box 3, which has seven shades of nine colors, which the child grades in order of darkest to lightest, would prove to be too difficult for her. Color box 4, on the other hand, only has four shades of eight colors, but also has a matching tile for each tile for a total of 64 tiles. I felt that given our limited budget, color box 4 was the best bang for our buck. A couple of months ago, I tried having Dora grade just one set of colors and that was way too hard for her. So this week, I presented her a tray with two shades of several colors. I went with the most extreme shades, darkest vs. lightest. She was able to do this tray fairly easily. In a few weeks, I will add a middle shade and see if we can’t slowly, but surely build up to grading the whole box. I have found that proper lighting is very important for this work. In some rooms of our house, it is impossible to tell some of the shades apart from each other.

Teen Bead Bar Hanger

Dora has also started choosing to work on more math work! She completed the teen bead hanger many times and has it down pat now. I’m not sure if she has memorized the order or if she truly understands the idea of “10 and 1 make 11”. I’ve been encouraging her to try the teen boards, which I think would help to cement the knowledge, but thus far she is resisting my efforts. She also continues to love to do the hundreds board, up until 20.

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