What We’ve Been Reading Wednesday–Reading About Amphibians and Reptiles

During the last two weeks, we’ve covered amphibians and reptiles. Firstly, we read About Reptiles and About Amphibians in the “A Guide for Children” series by Cathryn Sill. We also went on to read some fun fictional books about reptiles and amphibians. Our favorite book, hands down, was I Spy With My Little Eye. Dora loves playing “I Spy With My Little Eye”, so this book’s title immediately grabbed her attention. In each two page spread, you get a slight hint and a peek, through a hole in the page, of the animal that is on the next two page spread. Dora couldn’t figure out each animal by herself, so every time we came to an animal that she didn’t know, she’d make me start the book from the beginning so would “know” the answer to each of the “I Spy” riddles.

Another book that fascinated Dora was One Tiny Turtle, written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Jane Chapman, which was much more advanced than I had realized and I cannot really recommend for pre-schoolers, as it is rated as being for ages 5+ or grades K-2. The illustrations are lovely and it is a very interesting read and taught us both lots about sea turtles, but it is pretty wordy for pre-schoolers. If your child is very much interested in animals, like Dora is, then she might be ready for this book at an earlier age, like Dora was. Dora was enthralled with all of the challenges that the sea turtle had to face and was very concerned about the turtle’s plight. When I then explained to her that some people go to beaches to help make sure that sea turtle hatchlings make it to the ocean, Dora immediately wanted to go do it. I have no idea where or how one goes about doing this, but you can bet that I’ll be looking into it. To tell you the truth, after reading this book, I want to go help some hatchlings myself!Finally, we read about The Greedy Python, who is done in by his excessive appetite and inability to learn from his past mistakes. This book written by Richard Buckley and illustrated by Eric Carle.

What have you been reading lately?

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