Montessori Monday–Knobless Cylinder Pattern Cards

Knobbed Cyliner Work 1
This week was a “meh” week in our homeschool. So we didn’t do much Montessori work. The one thing that we did quite a bit of, was working with knobless cylinders pattern cards. The pattern cards that we own are from ETC Montessori, who I am not affiliated with. I do not print and laminate materials anymore, partly because my laminator broke, and partly because I’m sick of doing it. So I buy my materials pre-laminated or do without, which means we don’t have a lot of paper materials. These cards were a good investment though. Another reason I couldn’t have printed these is that they are 11” x 17”. Previously, I tried a .pdf set of knobless cylinder pattern cards that printed on regular printer paper and felt that the printouts were too crowded as they did not have enough room to fit more than two sets of cylinders on one card. The 11” x 17” advanced cards use all four sets of cylinders on one card.
Knobbed Cyliner Work 2
I am not sure what is up with Dora in regards to sensorial materials. She seems to think that she can’t do the work, but then is 100% capable of doing the work, once I can convince her to do it. She even has fun once she stops crying that she can’t do it. I feel like an ogre and tell her she only needs to try the activity. I’d even just skip it all, as she’s only four, after all, except that she asks to homeschool! I’m not sure why we have to have so many dramatics about it. Has anyone else dealt with this with their child? If so, what did you do to change the atmosphere in your homeschool?
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