Montessori Monday–Light Table Exploration

Light Table Work 21

A couple of weeks back, I was very excited to see that Constructive Playthings was carrying a translucent block set. As soon as I saw the picture of the set, I knew it was the set I had been looking for! I had seen the translucent block set last February on another blog. After seeing it, I really, really, really wanted that block set (for Dora, of course)! The only problem was that I could not find it anywhere in the United States and with exchange rates and shipping the set would have cost $250+ U.S. to purchase from a European vendor. Now, Constructive Playthings has the set for $80! (No, I am not an affiliate for Constructive Playthings). As soon as the set arrived, I ripped open the box and got out the light table and mirrors so that I could check it out Dora could explore with it. Honestly, I had more fun photographing the set than Dora did playing with it, but she did like it, a lot.

Light Table Work 20

Light Table Work 22

I also brought out some of our Steve Spangler Colorful Growing Orbs, which I also had fun photographing Dora also had fun playing play with. (I’m not affiliated with Steve Spangler either, though if he feels like sending me a goody box, I would be glad to play with everything have my daughter work with all of the materials.)

Light Table Work 11

Light Table Work 16

Dora even took the blocks and orbs off of the light table to explore some more (after I finished having fun photography them, of course). Dora even did a lot of transferring work with the orbs, which it ends up make an excellent tea party snack (little did you know!). It also ends up that if you stick them in a miniature vase, they make a really funny sound as they go through the neck of the bottle (a sound that leaves immature people, such as myself, laughing in hysterics – no, it did not sound like a fart, I’m not that immature, it just sounded really, really funny, you can even ask Dora, if you don’t believe me).

Light Table Work 7

Light Table Work 9

All in all, I was very happy with the amount of sensory work that I, I mean Dora, did with these items. They will make a wonderful addition to our play things come this winter, when the weather gets gloomy and the days get short. I can hardly wait! (Note to Santa, I’d like to add “a large light table that I don’t have to share” to my Christmas list.)

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