Our November Nature Study Poem

Thanks to the inspiration of Charlotte Mason, I have been adding a lot more poetry to our homeschool. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how receptive to poetry Dora has become. In addition to our A, B, C, poems and our weekly poems, I’ve decided to read one poem a month about nature (I will read it multiple times during the month, of course). This first year is going to be easy, as I am using poetry from Around the Year: A Picture Book, by Elsa Beskow, which has one poem for each month of the year. Though I may excerpt her poetry here, I cannot emphasize enough that these poems are meant to be read while enjoying the illustrations that accompany each poem in the book. The poem we are reading this month is, strangely enough, entitled “November”.

Grey is November,
cold as cold.
Stormy November,
wind and rain.
No snow.
No ice.
No glittering sun.
Grey is November,
except by the bright fire
with a story,
a cushion for the cat,
the dark shut outside
and the light in flames
where mysteries lie
and we dream.

This poem really doesn’t gel with my idea of November. Firstly, autumn’s colors are still lingering and the gray has not quite settled in for the season yet. Secondly, I find November to be such a month of expectancy, a month of pre-fervor, would you, for the holidays, that I don’t think it matters much what the weather is like outside (assuming that one is not in the path of the likes of Hurricane Sandy). So I cannot think of November as anything, but cheerful, but that is me… I know certain other locals whom are already bemoaning the 21 days of rain that we’ve endured this fall (I’ve been told by the aforementioned locals that it is 21 days, but have not bothered to confirm this figure myself). Such locals, who have already cast their eyes towards warmer shores, would probably feel that this poem is quite appropriate for November. I do not mean to mock these locals by the way, the gray days here used to cause me into all sorts of despair, then one day, I suddenly found myself embracing them. What about you, do you feel that November is depressingly gray or do you like it?

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