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Making a Calico Corn Necklace 3

In our homeschool this week…Gohan was too sick this week to do any schooling. So Dora got a lot more quality time with me. With the short hours of daylight, these made for some long days. Fortunately, I had a few rabbits to pull our from under my hat. Firstly, we made a calico corn necklace. I read many sets of instructions for making these and I have decided that all appear to have been cut and pasted from one source. None of them tell you how to actually remove the corn from the husks – it ends up that you can just pop them off with your fingers. They all claim that you need to soak the corn in water just over night – after 48 hours, our corn was almost as hard as it was when I first put it in the water, so I finally microwaved the bowl of water and corn for five minutes and the corn softened right up. Then we were able to easily thread the corn with a sewing needle. Dora was even able to do some of it by herself.

Making a Calico Corn Necklace 1

Calico Corn Necklace 2

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Dora wanted to go to the Children’s Museum, but since she has turned four, she is no longer allowed to go into her favorite part of our local museum. So we traveled to Everett to renew our membership with the Imagine Children’s Museum. This is one cool museum, it even has a roof top playground to go on, if it happens to stop raining long enough while you are there.

Imagine Children's Museum 2

Imagine Children's Museum 4Imagine Children's Museum 3Imagine Children's Museum 5Imagine Children's Museum 8We also took Secunda’s dog for a hike at Evans Creek Preserve, a new park that just opened in our area. It was very nice to enjoy some of the last sunny days of the season, though the temps were dropping into the mid-40’s.Evans Creek Preserve 1

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