Using Stabilo Woody Crayons for Nature Journals

Nature Journal - Water Color Crayons

I have posted in the past about how much I love Stabilo Woody crayons, but even I was impressed by how well they worked when I used them to draw a tree for our nature study a couple of weeks ago. Dora and I were drawing together in our our kitchen and I was looking at some trees that line the road behind our house. It only took me about five minutes to sketch the tree above. I then went over the drawing with a watercolor brush – the crayons also function as watercolor crayons. I was really happy with the way the colors blended. It was a little hard for me, personally, to draw with them as they are so chunky, since they are designed for children, but they are easy for Dora to work with. I also like that Dora can use them to do rough sketches when we are in the field and then use water to achieve the water color look once we get home, as opposed to trying to carry a set of water color paints into the field.

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