Are the Powers That Would Be Trying to Tell Her Something?

UW Shooting

Secunda is still debating which major she wants to pursue. She keeps bouncing back and forth between interior design and linguistics. So she went with some friends to tour the University of Washington here in Seattle. While she was there, I received a text from her reassuring me that if I had heard about the shooting, she was fine! It ends up that there was a shooting outside the university bookstore. The shooter was caught very quickly and no one was hurt, but the picture above was taken by one of her friends. For this to happen so shortly after the seemingly illogical behavior of the professor at the university she just was essentially “forced” to drop out of, we’ve all begun to half-jokingly wonder if the universe isn’t trying to tell her that university isn’t the path she should be following right now.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff