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Needle Felted Angel

This most likely will be my last post of the year. It is hard to believe that 2012 is almost over!  As I have been able to do less of the physical activities that I am used to doing for stress relief lately, I have been finding myself more and more attracted to needle felting. Not only is the act of stabbing wool a great stress reliever, but I can do it and play with Dora at the same time. Honestly, I don’t find stress relief from stabbing the wool, like I would if I were out running, instead I find that the rhythm of needle felting seems to calm my nerves, while molding the wool focuses my mind on things other than the physical discomfort I am currently in. This week, I have been working on two projects. I am trying to finish the angel above for Dora’s music teacher. I was inspired to make an angel for her after hearing her sing in class once. The kids convinced to her sing as a high a note as she could and suddenly I was overcome with the beauty of her voice. I normally don’t like the sound of sopranos, but she really does have the voice of an angel. At the same time, she is so good with the kids, she also has the patience of the saint! I am going to weave some tiny glass beads into the angels gown, to give her some luminosity. I am unsure, however, what to do about the angel’s face. As a Waldorf-inspired creation, I would normally leave her face blank (Waldorf educational philosophy encourages blank faces or faces with neutral expressions, so that the child’s imagination can be unhindered). At the same time, I am unsure how Dora’s music teacher will feel about a faceless angel, if she has no idea what Waldorf is all about.

Needle Felting a Gingerbread Man 3

The other project that I worked on this week was this gingerbread man. I told Dora the story of the gingerbread man and then Dora wanted to recreate it with puppets and dolls. We had plenty of animals and a dollhouse grandma and grandpa, but nothing that really worked as a gingerbread man. So I made this guy in about 15 minutes. Making a gingerbread man in a wonderful beginning needle felting project.

Needle Felting a Gingerbread Man 1

To needle felt a gingerbread man, you just need a cookie cutter, a felting surface/foam, a felting needle, and some brown wool (I so happened to be using alpaca wool that is naturally the same color as gingerbread cookies). Completely fill the cookie cutter with wool all the way to the top, as the wool will get much flatter as you work. Put the cutter on top of your foam and start stabbing away. Be sure to flip the cutter every few minutes or you will felt your gingerbread man onto your foam. After a while, the wool will get denser and you can remove the gingerbread man.

Needle Felting a Gingerbread Man 2

Felt any loose fibers by poking them into the side of the gingerbread man. Roll a tiny ball of wool for the eyes and buttons. Stick the balls of wool where you want them and gently poke them on to the gingerbread man until they have felted on to him. For the mouth, roll a small amount of wool into a tiny worm shape and felt that, just as you did with the eyes. I angled mine to make it a bit smiley. And there you have a cute felted gingerbread man. You could easily poke some thread or very thing ribbon through his head with a sewing needle to make a lovely tree ornament or gift tag. Or you could do what we did and just play with him. Just be sure you don’t leave him where any cats can get him. Our cats are absolutely obsessed with destroying my needle felted creations!

Needle Felting a Gingerbread Man 3

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, filled with lots of comfort and joy!

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