Ode to My Little Pony

Your show is most great,
but I must admit that as of late,
I grow quite weary
of your series,
because though glossy may be your tail and mane,
your presence is driving me quite insane.

See, though I might like a pony,
I am no brony.
My little girl
however, loves you so much, it makes me want to hurl.

So young she is,
that she is no reading whiz.
so research your plot
must I, as I learn of places like Canterlot,
Fillydelphia and Ponyville.

How weak grows my will
as background characters I must investigate
and I dare not hesitate,
for even if a line they never speak,
my daughter is not meek.
Her tears and cries
are not pleasant to the eyes.

Games I must play
Whether I be Sunny Rays or Fluttershy,
Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie,
my daughter likes it best,
when I play with her and the rest.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff