First Experiences with Kindergarten Handwork

This week, Dora has suddenly become interested in doing what I am doing. Not in the “follow me around because she is clingy and asking me to play My Little Pony over and over again” way, but in a real, “I want to do that” way. She has especially taken an interest in cooking. Up until this point, she has had almost zero percent interest in cooking. Now she is suddenly initiating things, asking Secunda, especially, to bake with her. Secunda loves to bake, so this works out really well for me, as I end up getting a bit of a break while they bake.First NeedleworkThe other surprise Dora had for me was a sudden interest in needlepoint. We had various needlepoint trays out while we were trying to follow the Montessori method, but she was never interested in them. She wouldn’t even do stringing cards and only would begrudgingly agree to string beads once in a while. This week, however, she wanted to do the real thing and none of the materials were even out in her sight. As you can see above, she stitched with purple embroidery floss on to yellow-checked fabric that was in an embroidery hoop.Finger KnittingAlso, when I got out my knitting materials to attempt to knit her a scarf (it has been forever and a day since I last did any knitting), she asked if she could knit too. So I introduced her to finger knitting with this lovely ball of chunky yarn that I have been saving for just this occasion. She was frustrated to not be allowed to use the needles and finally I just let her go at it with some needles and scrap thread and she made a lovely “scarf”.

KnittingWhat almost gave me a heart attack though, was that Tertia, who is 18 and was home sick today, also decided to take up knitting! Tertia is about the last person in the world that I would expect to take up knitting. I kind of had to sneak this photo of her knitting, reassuring her that it was only of her hands, as she hates to have her photo taken. Whether her interest will continue once she is well enough to go back to volunteering, school, and work, only time will tell.

Through all of this, all I managed to accomplish was to wind half of my yarn.

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