Going Poo Free

Going Poo Free

As I continue on my quest to eliminate toxins from my lifestyle in an effort to lighten the load on my kidneys, I am trying to start with the areas of my body that seem to be showing signs of the most damage. My hair and skin, in particular, have been showing major evidence of systemic illness. My hair has been very dry and brittle and it may just be my imagination, but I believe I may be losing some of it also. Obviously, the first step I took was to discontinue coloring my hair. I also had been spending a fortune on trying various salon hair care products in an effort to moisturize my hair, all to no avail. So I finally decided to do what so many “crunchy” bloggers have done and go “poo” free (as in sham”poo”).

I have spent  a lot of time researching a variety of DIY hair care products, but finally decided that I really don’t have the energy to make complicated recipes that often use oils that either need to be refrigerated or risk going rancid. So I decided to try the most basic shampoo-free hair care regimen that I could find. I started washing my hair/scalp with baking soda and then rinsing with apple cider vinegar. I have been doing this for two weeks and my hair is as clean and soft as before. I cannot say that my hair is suddenly softer, but it may be that as I continue this regimen, the new growth will be healthier. Regardless, this combination is certainly healthier for my kidneys and costs about $30/month less than the expensive salon hair care products that I had been experimenting with.

There are a few minor drawbacks to this system that I wanted to address. The first is the practicality of using baking soda in the shower without. I have addressed this issue by putting the baking soda in a glass jar, which I store outside of the shower when I’m not using it. Then, when I do open the jar to use it, I make sure the water is pointed in the other direction and I pour some baking soda in my hand, then promptly put the lid on the jar before rinsing my hair. In the future, I may look into making some sort of shaker/dispenser for the jar.

The second negative issue I have to deal with is the smell of apple cider vinegar. I personally detest the smell of vinegar, though I do find apple cider vinegar to be less offensive than other vinegars. I essentially have had to “suck it up” in this regards. I rinse the vinegar out as well as I can and by the time my hair dries, the smell is gone. The only time I find that the smell returns is when I start sweating and even then, it is faint. I have asked family members and friends if they can smell it then and no one else can smell it. I do have a super strong olfactory sense, so I don’t think you have to worry about offending other people with the smell, if you want to try this yourself, but you do need to be aware that you may have a slight scent of apple cider vinegar on you.

The final drawback that I have found and that I have read other blogger mention is that I need to at least rinse your hair daily. I wash my hair daily anyway, as I always end up getting sweaty and grungy by the evening, due to my lifestyle (sometimes I even have the added element of paint, flour, glitter, snot, etc. in my hair, and despite my efforts to start some sort of “mom hair” trend, it continues to remain an unpopular hairstyle). So while my hair looks fine 24 hours after I last “washed” my hair, I personally can detect a slight oiliness in my hair, such that I know that were I not to at least rinse my hair, I’d risk looking like Severus Snape the next day. I’m currently choosing to use the baking soda/vinegar combination everyday, but some bloggers have mentioned that they only do it every other day or every couple of days.

What about you? Have you gone “poo” free? If so, what combination of products do you use and with what frequency?

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