Homeschool Mother’s Journal–Our First Full Week Back to Homeschooling

ID-10049990In my life this week… This was a stressful week. It was our first week back to our usual schedule and Dora had a very hard time with the transition. Then today, I had a nightmare doctor’s appointment. I went to the nephrologist for a follow-up appointment, just to learn that most of my lab work was supposedly lost. I was told that would have to go back to the lab to have it redone. When I got to the lab, however, I learned that the results were not lost at all, so I walked back to my doctor’s office to hand deliver the results (sadly just walking to and from the lab left me completely exhausted). Annoyingly, my doctor had a full case load today and was not able review the results with me. There were a couple of take things that I was able to glean from the whole experience. Firstly, it has now been 100% confirmed by a nephrologist that my kidneys are not functioning properly. Also, since I carried my lab results by hand, I could not help but notice that a few of the results were bolded, highlighted, AND asterisked, one of which cardiac/enzyme markers. I was majorly freaked out by this as no one had even told me that there might be something wrong with my heart! Being the modern and paranoid woman that I am, I Goggled the test results as soon as I got home and I learned that this particular test really doesn’t have much to do with my heart. Whew! The surprise, however, was that lab result and every abnormal lab result that I had, seem to point to me having an autoimmune disease, probably lupus (this part is based on my “professional” lab interpreting opinion, so don’t quote me). I guess the nephrologist had suspected it, which is why she ordered the test, but she hadn’t mentioned it to me, so it came as a bit of a shock. Now I am eagerly waiting to hear back from her to see where I go from here. I know exactly what time she will call, because it’s the only time anyone calls me – the minute I try to go to the bathroom.

In our homeschool this week… Dora is really responding to our Waldorf inspired approach to homeschooling. Today, both she and I were completely wonked out after the stressful day I had. We had not had time to do circle time all day and finally, right before our very LATE dinner, she was completely falling apart and I asked her if there was anything I could do for her and she said, “We haven’t done circle time all day! Can we do circle time?” So we sang our songs, read our poetry, and reread Trouble with Trolls, by Jan Brett. She immediately calmed down and was a much more pleasant person to be around for the rest of the evening. By the way, Trouble with Trolls is a great book! If you read it, be sure to follow the action that occurs at the bottom of the page, in particular, pay attention to the hedgehog. Meanwhile, Gohan asked to skip the rest of his pre-algebra book and go straight into algebra. Essentially, we covered most of pre-algebra last year with Montessori materials, but I didn’t feel he was ready to go into algebra this year for a variety of reasons. He has decided that he wants to start being more hardcore in terms of prepping for college, though, so we’ll be switching to Saxon Algebra 1. I’ve warned him that he will really need to buckle down and work hard, but he seems very determined. He even wants to do year-round school so that he can finish Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 by the end of his sophomore year (he is halfway through 8th grade now).


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… In theory, tomorrow we are going to the Seattle Aquarium and the new giant Ferris wheel they built on the pier. The mere thought of such an excursion exhausts me right now, however, Dora really wants to go, so we’ll see… We do have tickets to this Saturday’s kids symphony show. Otherwise, we just spent the week trying to get back into our weekly rhythm. 


My favorite thing this week was… The snowflakes that fell on my face as I trekked to and from the lab’s offices today. We’ve not had any snow this year and this snow did not stick, but it was a bright moment for me during what, was otherwise, a horrible experience.


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