Our Winter Nature Table

Winter Nature Table - 1

Our winter nature table/shelf underwent several transformations this season, but I’m really happy with the end result. Dora is clearly happy with it also, as she loves to have her toy horse, “Charlie”, play all over it. I had to move our nature guides to another bookshelf to make room for our day-of-the-week and weather gnomes. So now our nature table/shelf is really a seasonal table/shelf.

Winter Nature Table - 2

I purchased several Waldorf inspired postcards for the shelf and our playroom, which I just am in love with.

Winter Nature Table - 3This postcard holder is also a tea light holder. Dora is allowed to light this candle, with my assistance, at the beginning of our yoga session. I light the candle at this point in time for multiple reasons. Firstly, I am trying to bring particular attention to this point in the day as being more of a spiritual period of time for us. Secondly, I am kind of using it as bribery to get Dora to participate, by which I actually mean that she allows me to do 20 minutes of yoga, during which she might come in and out of the yoga area and perhaps do a couple of forms herself. Lastly, I use it as a sort of timer for letting her know that this is semi-uninterrupted time for me. She gets to blow out the candle when I am done with my yoga. I also have snuck in my flute practice, which I call “mental yoga” (I’m teaching myself to play the Choroi Quinta Pentatonic Flute so that I can teach Dora to play when she gets a bit older). I have told her that if she ever blows out the candle before I tell her that she can, we will not be able to have the candle anymore for that week. It is a bit hard for her to resist the temptation to blow out the candle, but she so enjoys being able to light the candle, she has not blown out the candle early once.

Winter Nature Table 4

We also have some winter-themed wooden toys on the shelf…

Winter Nature Table 5

… and a winter fairy, as well as many items from nature and a set of seasonal puzzles. I tried experimenting with using play silks on the shelf, but Dora kept wanting to play with the silks I set out and I was really stressed out that our cats would find the silks and shred them to pieces, as they do with just about anything that they can get their teeth or claws on.

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