Rose Play Dough

Rose Play Dough 1

My efforts to go natural are spilling over to Dora’s toys and art materials, as I spend a lot of time handling them. Also, since I have no idea why I developed an auto-immune disorder, I want to be careful in what I expose Dora to in an effort to protect her from the same fate (it is too late for my oldest three children, who are adults with their own ways, and though I am trying with Gohan, it is hard for him, at the age of 14, to break certain habits). Given Dora’s love of flowers, I thought that making play dough with flowers in it would be a great idea. Dora was very excited about the whole process, including picking out which flower we should use for our first batch of “flower play dough”. I used a basic homemade play dough recipe, but added a handful of dried roses to it. The play dough came out a lovely shade of pink and smelled wonderful. Dora couldn’t wait to use it. Then she touched the play dough… then she touched it a second time…then she actually pulled off a piece of the play dough… then she declared that she hated the play dough! It ends up that she hates play dough that has anything textural in it. She has obviously inherited my sensory issues. I’ll admit that it did feel a bit weird to use play dough with stuff in it, but for me, the wonderful aroma outweighed the tactile weirdness. Not so for Dora…

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