What We’ve Been Reading Wednesday–Some Pre-order Goodies

I’ve let this weekly column slide while I was trying to find my way around the world of Waldorf. I now feel like I’m pretty centered with Waldorf-inspired education and am ready to get back to my regularly-scheduled business. This week, both Dora and I received a book that we had been eagerly anticipating the release of. Dora’s book was Emeraldalicious, the latest book from the Pinkalicious series, by Victoria Kann. Ironically, Dora had just last week started wanting to read this series over and over again and then this book arrived today. Before we even opened the book, Dora spent a good deal of time “oohing” and “aahing” over the pretty glittery cover. This book features a lot of hearts, so at first I thought it might have been released with Valentine’s Day in mind, but after reading it, I decided that the publishers were probably shooting more for Earth Day, though it also conveys some St. Patrick’s Day ambiance. The basic storyline is that Pinkalicious and her brother, Peter, are walking through the park and stumble upon a part of the park that has been turned into a dump. They use magic to clean up the dump, while having a wonderfully-imaginative fun at the same time. I still stand by my belief that, though Pinkalicious seems like she espouses all of the stereotypes that I try to shield Dora from, Pinkalicious actually is a strong female role model, who allows girls AND boys to enjoy the “traditionally feminine” side of things.

Meanwhile, I happily received my pre-order of Making Peg Dolls, by Margaret Bloom, earlier than the original release date. The book is hard-covered and much heftier than I was expecting, based on the image and other similar books that I have purchased (it’s 189 pages long!). As I have continued to struggle to come up with appropriate head coverings for our “month gnomes”, I was excited to see that this book offers a plethora of inspirational ideas. If you’re at all interested in making peg dolls for the children in your life, this book will answer any questions you have, while providing lots of good ideas for dolls for every season and many festivals of the year (plus a couple of examples of using peg dolls for storytelling).

What about you? Have you been reading any good books lately?

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