Felt Candy Bar Envelope Valentines (With a Tutorial, of Sorts)

Felt Envelope Valentines 6I’m sad to report that, though I did finish many of the valentines that I was working on, I had a “flare” (I’m thinking that I did too much at the zoo last week) this weekend and slept away most of my sewing time. So, at the last minute, I took Dora to Target, where she picked out cheesy Tinker Bell and Sponge Bob valentines, which were at least on sale, which is a perk of waiting until the last minute to buy them. They come complete with lollipops, made from who knows what. Secunda put it best, when she said, “Without the cards to give a context, the Tinker Bell lollipops look a bit scary.” Anyway, Dora is just happy to be going to a Valentine’s Day party. She doesn’t quite understand why she doesn’t just get to keep all of the felt envelopes that I made (I’m going to finish them in time for Valentine’s Day 2014!). I finally compromised with her and let her fill them with Hershey bars to give to the family, though I still had to pry the envelopes from her hands afterwards!

Felt Envelope Valentines 2Anyhoo, on the off chance that there is anybody out there who cannot sew as well as I can (hey all you preschoolers, I’m talking to you, so pay attention!), I thought I’d offer my version of a tutorial. I first want to mention that my sewing skills are minimal, my tutorial-writing skills even less, so I offer no guarantees, whatsoever, that following my directions will result in anything, other that utter rubbish. If you have chosen to continue with my “tutorial”,  first, you need to measure the size of the candy bar you will be using. Then you want to cut a piece of felt that is as wide as your candy bar, plus 2 cm’s (or so) for stitching (I believe the proper phrase here is “seam allowance”). The rectangular part of your felt should be as tall as your candy bar times two, plus 2 cm’s (or so) for stitching. You will then want to include a triangular piece on top for the flap. I used a protractor to get the angles even on each side. In the long run, you have a piece of felt that looks like a tall house. You will also need to cut out a felt heart that is smaller than your candy bar (in all directions). Attach the heart to the “front” half of the envelope, using a fell stitch (or your closest approximation to a fell stitch that you can do, which is always good enough when making valentines). Felt Envelope Valentines 3Fold the rectangular portion of our felt piece in half and blanket stitch up one side, around the envelope flap (triangular portion of the felt) and down the other side.Turn the envelope over and sew on a button to the rectangular portion of your fabric. Cut a button hole in the flap. It is my understanding, that since this is felt, you do not need to reinforce the buttonhole, not to mention that this you’re making something to hold a candy bar, not the holy grail, but you might want to reinforce the buttonhole, if you expect your valentine to be subjected to extreme forces beyond your control. Felt Envelope Valentines 5Otherwise, put your candy bar in the envelope and button it closed and viola, your valentine is complete!Felt Envelope Valentines 4

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