Natural Face Care Regimen

Natural Facial Skin Care RegimenAs I have continued to look into natural personal care products, I have often found myself sticker-shocked by the cost of many store-bought natural personal care products. So, I have really been focusing on making my own products, yet I really don’t have the energy to make a lot of complicated products. I also am not interested in any product where I have to either refrigerate it or make a new batch every day, as neither practices are practical for my lifestyle. After doing quite a bit of a research, I have found that I can take care of my the extremely sensitive skin on my face with a relatively simple routine that is much cheaper and more effective than the expensive store-bought routine that I used previously (complete with alpha-hydroxy peels and what not). It is my understanding that these products should work for most skins types. My routine is:

  1. Once per week: exfoliate with a mixture of baking soda and water
  2. Daily: wash face, neck, and chest with witch hazel
  3. Daily: moisturize face, neck, and chest with aloe vera
  4. Two-three times per week: apply a couple of drops of avocado oil to my eye area

That’s it! There’s no need for complicated facial creams or cleansers. I will admit that it took about 1 week for me to get used to the feeling of my skin after this regimen. Aloe vera definitely does not leave my skin feeling like the lotions I was used to. At the same time, I’ve been using this regimen for about six weeks now and have not had any acne break-outs,  eczema, new rashes, etc. I still have a few weird red patches across my nose, that are not rough, itchy, or dry and I believe are related to my autoimmune disorder. These did not got better or worse with the change in my skin care, but my acne and eczema completely cleared up (even when Aunt Flo made a visit!). So I have been very happy with how easy and cheap it has been to take care of my skin in a healthy and natural way.

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