This Year’s Terrarium, Take 2

Terrarium - Take 2 - 4I had a major brain fog/senior moment in mid-January and set our terrarium outside in the freezing cold, thinking I’d kill off whatever flies/gnats had invaded it. Uh, doh! The cold did not kill off the flies/gnats, but it did an excellent job of killing off all of the plants! Sigh… Even I was asking myself, “What were you thinking?!?!?” So, I took the jar and cleaned it out really well and let it sit empty for a week. Then we started from scratch. The nursery still didn’t have any sphagnum moss in stock, so I bought uncolored, dried Spanish moss this time. Unfortunately, the Spanish moss now looks kind of like a whole bunch of worms are living in our terrarium. I spent quite some time talking with an advisor at the nursery about our fly/gnat problem and she felt strongly that it was probably fungus gnats and it probably came from the soil, which caused a majorly awkward moment when I pointed out that I bought the soil at their nursery. She immediately proceeded to show to me several means of killing the gnats, all of which were toxic… Terrarium - Take 2 - 3Anyway, we came home and planted a new terrarium. Once again we followed the general terrarium setup instructions that I gave in my post last year. Well, by damn, if there weren’t gnats in the terrarium within two days, even though I thoroughly inspected every single item that went into the terrarium! My guess is that they had to have been in the bag of soil, as that was the only thing that went in both terrarium setups. This time, however, the gnats disappeared within a couple of days. I can only hypothesize that last time, they thrived on the moss layer that I had put on top of the soil. I skipped the moss layer on top this time, just because it smelled so funky. Instead, Dora found a metal ladybug sculpture that we added to the terrarium. Later, I created a “stream” in the terrarium with blue gems. Then last weekend, we found a ceramic fairy that I set out top of the ladybug (since I took these photos, per Dora’s insistence, we turned the fairy such that her leg is dangling in the “stream”). So, I guess this terrarium is going to also be a fairy garden…

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