Getting Ready for Spring

Spring Nature Table 2Last week, we set up the spring nature/seasonal “table”, even though it’s not quite spring. It just seemed like the right time to do it, with St. Patrick’s Day and Easter both falling in the same month. Even the nature table seems to be bursting forth with abundance, compared to the winter nature table. One special purchase I made just for the nature table was for the green peridot, which I purchased from Our Planet’s Treasure. I really wanted a gem/mineral that was reasonably priced and seemed to me to represent spring. I cannot tell you how much Dora has played with those little gems (most of the pieces are smaller than beans). Most recently, we have taken to putting them into a little wooden “pot”, which we then put at the end of her wooden rainbow. We’ve been calling them “green gold”. She pretends that her farm animals eat the “green gold” and it then gives them various magical abilities.Our Backyard 1Today, Dora and I assembled two more raised beds for our vegetable garden. Mr. Mo has promised to fill them with soil, as that would be too much work for me, physically speaking. As you can see, our small urban (suburban???) yard is looking rather barren at the moment. I’ve put in as many raised beds as I can possibly fit, between the play system and the fact that half of our yard doesn’t get any sunlight, ever. That white thing in the one bed is Pumpkin Jack, who is decaying rapidly now. The rock wall still is looking rather ugly, as I continue to attempt to find a non-invasive plant species that will climb the wall and handle our many gray days in the fall-spring, but then not fry when the sun hits that wall full force in the summer (our neighbor next door who has shielded their wall with those giant evergreens is actually breaking the HOA rules as well as city rules, so that is not an option that we would pursue – not to mention, their evergreens are going to die one of these days, because I keep chopping off the roots when they grow into our yard, so that the some of the bushes are only anchored on one side – I feel mean to do that, but its either that or let their plant monstrosities suck up all of my plants’ nutrients). Our Backyard 2You can’t see them in that first photo, but right behind where I took that photo, we have a few dwarf fruit trees, which are looking sad and lonely right now, but they all have some tiny buds on them! We’re looking forward to getting a decent harvest of fresh peaches and apples from them this year (if we can attract some pollinators).Our Backyard 3The dirt bed in front of our rock wall is mostly used for Dora to plant lots and lots of flowers. As that is where rodents tend to come from, I don’t like to grow any food there, but I do have two blueberry bushes that I planted last fall. I thought the bushes had died, as we had a massive heat wave right after I planted them and they were completely shriveled up spikey, twiggy masses until just a couple of weeks ago. They still don’t look super impressive (to give you an idea of how small the bush is, those are tiny crocus plants in front of this bush). I imagine that we’ll be lucky just to get a cup of blueberries from both blueberry bushes this summer, but hopefully now that they have established a good root system, they’ll grow a lot bigger by next year.

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