Gratitude Sunday–March 17

First Daffodil of 2013Sunday – Living in a country where freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution. (Last night, I read a very upsetting story about the Partition of India and it really made me grateful to live in a country that, while having its flaws, does not have such large scale episodes of violence based on religion and/or race.)

Monday – Secunda taking Dora out for the morning, because she was feeling that I don’t get enough of a break and that she hasn’t been spending as much time with Dora as she would like to be. She took her to a pottery place, where Dora glazed a preformed pony. I thought it came out really pretty. It was all Secunda’s idea too and she wants to do it weekly! I am a really lucky mom to have such wonderful children!Ceramic PonyTuesday – The first daffodil of the season bloomed

Wednesday – Seeing Primo, who is in a special college program for students with disabilities, give a speech about job interview skills to a large roomful of people. I was so proud of him!

Thursday – Going to a bookstore and treating myself to a hardback fictional book! I feel so decadent, I usually only buy non-fiction books that I want to have in my home for reference. I get all of my fiction from the library, but I just couldn’t help myself, there were too many good books calling my name. So, not only did I actually buy myself a fictional book, but it was a new release, so only available in hardback. I feel like I just bought myself a Lamborghini or something! I’m definitely going to be making myself some cups of tea to savor this book with. Maybe I’ll even make some shortbread to go with the tea!

Friday – That Dora is old enough to entertain herself long enough for me take a nap on the couch on occasions.SeedsSaturday – Finishing planting all my seeds! I still have a few items to plant later, such as sweet potatoes, but am done for now!

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