Gratitude Sunday–March 24

Sunday – Dora’s response when our garage door opener broke and we opened the door manually. In order to open the door manually and keep the door in sync with the motor, Mr. Mo and I had to physically force the extremely heavy garage door up, while Secunda pushed the button. As soon as we got it all open, Dora yelled, “Yea for Secunda! She did it!”. Nightstand Reading

Monday – Books! They are like blood transfusions for my mind…

Tuesday – A working garage door. Yea for quick and efficient service at a reasonable price!Snow - Spring 2013 - 2lomoWednesday – The first day of spring.Thursday – Having a warm, safe home to shelter from the storm in. Ironically, we had some snow this afternoon, after having no snow all winter.Daffoldils 2Friday – Picking a vase full of daffodils and finding one tiny daffodil that is the perfect size to tuck behind a certain four-year-old girl’s ear.Tiny Daffodil 3Saturday – My new lotion recipe, which I will post when I have it absolutely perfected.

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