Gratitude Sunday–The Easter Edition

Easter MuscariSunday – The first muscari of the year bloomed!

Monday – The sunset reflecting off the lake today (as in a real sunset, with the sun and everything!).

Tuesday – Pumpkin Jack has completely decayed (except for the stem) and one of the seeds has started to grow a new plant!Cherry Blossoms 9Wednesday – Cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom and the streets are lined in pink!

Thursday – The grandmother who helped me at the park today so that Dora could ride the zipline without being scared.

Friday – Finding the hidden gnome at the local preserve at the very end of our hike with friends, just when we thought we would be leaving without having found it.

Saturday – Feeling pretty good, despite the previous day’s long hike in the sunny weather, proof that the rheumatalogical medicines are beginning to help!

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