Gratitude Sunday–April 14

Conch Shell 3Sunday – Mr. Mo sawing a hole on Dora’s conch shell, so she could play it (I made the mistake of telling her that some people blow them like horns). Amazingly, she can play it quite well. I still have yet to be able to make a sound from it.Blowing Bubbles 2Monday – Mr. Mo holding down the fort for me while I slept almost all day after having what was supposed to be a minor nose procedure. Not sure if it was the procedure (they did inject epinephrine into my nose to minimize the bleeding and my body did not enjoy the effects of the epinephrine) or the arthritis flare up that I had over the weekend that wore me out so, but I’m very lucky to have a husband who will just jump in for me during these episodes, when I practically “pass out” (especially given that he also happens to have a stressful job that we need him to keep). He never complains though (once again ladies, he is taken).Face Painting 4Tuesday – Receiving a new bag and wallet in the mail today. My old one was starting to fall apart. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever go back to carrying a normal-sized purse again. Every single time I try to, Dora has some sort of mishap and I end up greatly regretting not having a change of clothes in my purse. Plus we both have Raynaud’s, so I always need gloves/mittens in my purse. Then, I always have to carry sun hats and sunscreen, as even a little bit of sun exposure sun can cause my connective tissue disorder to flare up. Add to that rain jackets, supplies for impromptu geocaching, etc. I don’t know how other mothers manage to carry so little, I have always had a big bag in tow.Yarn2Wednesday – a big box of yarn came in the mail!Face Painting 1Thursday – Finding a new vision therapist for Dora. She suffers from exotropia (her eyes wander outward) and our wonderful ophthalmologist has had to take an indefinite leave of absence, due to a family crisis. There aren’t that many doctors who can treat this condition in children Dora’s age and those that can, often favor surgery. I really wanted a doctor who would at least try vision therapy first, as it worked really well with both Primo and Tertia, who had eyes that wandered inward. It has taken me six months to find the right doctor, but it was well worth the effort. The only negative is that this doctor is about 45 minutes away (without traffic) and we will have to drive there once a week.IMG_1395Friday – Dora slept late for the first time in months! She doesn’t appear to be sick, so I have no idea why she slept so late, but it felt good!Being CoolSaturday – The food co-op had Bosc pears again! I think they taste so much better than Bartlett pears, though I think people are prejudiced against them, as they are kind of ugly.

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