Gratitude Sunday–April 28

Tulip 4Sunday – Having a surprisingly relaxing and productive day after a rough morning. We even had time for me to cook split pea soup and cornbread for dinner. Yum!

Monday – A twofer day!

  • Secunda unexpectedly taking Dora out to the park and for a picnic for a couple of hours, giving me the gift of “me” time.
  • Tertia helping me solve the hair problem that I was having with my troll doll.

Tuesday – Dora’s rousing (and hysterical) rendition of Old McDonald Had a Farm!

Wednesday – Dora’s supposedly perplexed expression when I came into the backyard to find that in my one minute absence to retrieve her sunglasses, she had soaked herself and the house with the hose. She quickly dropped the hose and looked at me as if to say, “Gosh, I wonder how everything got so wet?” Rose Bud 2Thursday – Working in the garden with Dora, enjoying a lovely, mild spring day, planting roses while she studied the life and times of “Wormy the worm”. She later built a memorial for Wormy, who did not die, but went off to pursue darker and danker pastures, leaving Dora with only the memories of the good times they had.

Friday – Gohan watching Dora for an hour for me to take a badly needed nap.

Saturday – Mr. Mo being able to mow the lawn, which was really, really long, right before the downpour started.Icelandic Poppy 1

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