Why So Knittin’ Quiet?

Knitted Pony - 3

I know that I’ve been quiet on this blog the last week or so, but I have some excuses (mind you, I don’t promises that they’re good excuses, just that I have some). For one, we’ve been playing hooky. Yes, you read that correctly – we’ve been ditching homeschool. Not really, we just have decided to switch to a year-round schedule with four one-month breaks. This seems to help with burnout for both Gohan and me. Of course, Dora had to join the bandwagon and wanted a “spring break” also. I asked her what she would get a break from and she didn’t have a good answer, she just knew that she wanted spring break too. So I told her that she was on spring break also and she was happy. Then we’ve been a bit busy with this and that, like nice weather, doctor’s appointments, nice weather, dentist appointments, nice weather, gardening projects, and (did I mention?) nice weather. Finally, I decided to knit this pony for Dora, who is obsessed with the My Little Pony show and all of it’s various tawdry merchandise.

I took a knitting class shortly before Dora was born and made a very nice scarf in class, which I never finished off. At the time, I decided that while it was nice enough, knitting wasn’t a hobby that really rocked my world. Fast forward several years and I’ve had to redefine “rock my world” since my body can no longer handle things like martial arts, distance biking, hardcore geocaching, etc. Now, I need to be happy with more sedate activities, which amazingly, I am finding that I can do. I also have become fixated on starting to make more of our clothes, due to the price increases and quality decreases in the clothing industry. (Not to mention, that at the ripe old age of 44, I just don’t fit into clothes like I used to, but I am not ready to throw in the towel and wear granny clothes yet.)

Anyway, I had to start this pony over many, many, many times, because of how much I had forgotten or never learned. In the process, I learned that the lady who taught me to knit, taught me some unnecessarily complicated ways of doing things. So I also had to relearn some things. In addition, I had some problems with me zoning out and doing things like suddenly switching to purl in the middle of a knitting row (if only I could unknit better, I would have saved myself many hours of work!). This project definitely helped me work on my focus and attention span, which did not used to be such a problem, but I guess I am developing some ADHD tendencies as I get older.

The pattern that I used for this pony is from Mam4Earth’s Etsy shop. Fortunately, she also has a Ravelery Group (and a lot of patience). Dora loves the pony! It was actually supposed to be a unicorn, but she said that she just could not wait long enough for me to knit a horn. Now, however, she is begging for me to knit a Rainbow Dash, who is a pegasus, and she says she’s willing to wait for me to knit the wings. Oi vey! What have I started?!?!

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