Window Transparencies

Window Transparencies 26Last week, we decided to play with kite paper some more and made window transparencies. We used large sheets of kite paper, which are harder to find, though Palumba carries them (I’m not sure where I bought mine, but I only purchased one sheet of each color, so it was much cheaper). I’ve also read on other blogs that people have used tissue paper to do these. Dora found this activity to be extremely frustrating. Were I to do it again, I would cut out a variety of shapes ahead of time for her to use. She really had trouble grasping the idea of how shapes would go across the frame, so she’d cut giant pieces of paper and then not understand that she needed to trim the paper or she’d cut tiny pieces of paper and not be able to understand how to attach them to the frame, leaving gaps. So we ended up cutting the project short, with a much simpler design than I had hoped to do. To make the one that we did finish, I cut out a frame from black cardstock (I just made a random design).Window Transparencies 3We then glued a piece of blue kite paper on the back of the frame for the background. I later read that it is best to start with a clear or light colored piece of paper. I will admit, that we had some trouble with trying to blend yellow and blue kite paper to yield green, so I would probably use a light colored paper for the background next time.Window Transparencies 15We then glued on shapes to the back of the blue kite paper to make our design. This is where things fell apart, so we rushed the process. I would have liked to experiment with layering a bit more, but maybe next time….Window Transparencies 20To attach the window transparency to our window, we used double-sided tape. I really like window transparencies and am looking forward to being able to create more elaborate designs.

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