Gratitude Sunday–May 12

Icelandic Poppy 9Sunday – Finding Waldorf again in time for Dora to benefit from it. She absolutely thrives on the rhythm, so much so, that she has been trying to get us even more into a rhythm!

Monday – My Icelandic poppy has white flowers too!

Tuesday – Being able to go for a walk while Dora rode her scooter

Wednesday – Being able to help Gohan work through some extreme anxiety (it pains me that he and Dora inherited my anxiety issues, so I’m especially grateful when I can help them work through an anxiety episode)Toad Flax 26Thursday – Toadflax is a new plant for my garden and I’ve decided that I love it!

Friday – Dora’s new vision therapy went so well. She is doing it in hopes of correcting an outwardly wandering eye (exotropia) without surgery.Azalea 3Saturday – Finally attracting pollinators to our yard this year!

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