Gratitude Sunday–May 19

Wildflowers 1Sunday – A wonderfully relaxing Mother’s Day, doing exactly what I wanted to!

Monday – Rain, at last! Ending the heat wave!

Tuesday – Setting up an obstacle course and competing with Dora to see who could complete it on her Purple Plasmacar the fastest (it can accommodate“children up to 220 pounds” – I’m interpreting the word “children” to mean “children at heart”, because I doubt you’ll find many children that weigh 220 pounds).Making Ice Cream 1Wednesday – Making homemade ice creamBalance Bike 2Thursday – Dora doing really well with her new balance bike

Friday – Seeing an abundance of wildflowers and two baby deer at the parkStory Fairy 6Saturday – Enjoying the last Kindermusik/Seattle Symphony concert for the year and Dora getting to visit with the Story Fairy

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