Gratitude Sunday–May 5

Mt Si 21Sunday – Having time to scan all of our books into Goodreads (as I keep accidentally buying the same books over and over, because I don’t know which books we own and which we don’t!).

Monday – Peanut butter filled pretzels (though my waistline indicates that I’ve been a bit too grateful for them)

Tuesday – Today was full of things to be thankful for, here are just a few!

  • The view of Mt. Si while we were shoe shopping
  • Roses right after it rains, I love the way the water collects amongst their petals
  • Mr. Mo taking care of the tent caterpillars on our apple tree after a long day of work (I am not too much of a bug wimp, but tent caterpillars kind of freak me out)

Rose After the Rain 9Wednesday – Gohan being able to work through a stumbling block he had encountered in math. He stuck to it and spent over an hour solving the problem, but insisted he wanted to figure it out and he did!

Thursday – chai, it really helps to soothe my soul during times of stress

Charlotte's Web 11Friday – watching Gohan in his year-end homeschool production of Charlotte’s Web

Saturday – Getting the yard work and weekend errands done, despite Gohan having another play production, so that we can take it easy tomorrow. It is so nice when Sundays really can be a “day of rest”.

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