Yarn Along Wednesday–It Actually Looks Like a Sweater

Sunday Sweater in ProgressI missed the last two Yarn Along Wednesdays again. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, both Dora and I caught colds, which set me back a bit. Also, I had to start over yet again on Dora’s Sunday Sweater! My thwarted efforts have not had anything to do with the pattern, which is very easy to follow, but have been a direct result of my lack of knitting skills. I finally seem to have hit my stride though. I’m 3/4 of the way done with the body and then just need to do the sleeves, neck, and add the buttons. Dora is super excited and keeps trying to convince me that the sweater is finished enough and that she should be able to wear it now.With us being sick and staying home so much the last week, I have been getting in more reading time than usual. I finally just gave up on Becoming Jane Eyre. It has some really good reviews and at another time, I’d probably enjoy it. Right now, however, I found it to be far too depressing. Instead, I started reading about another Jane – Jane Austen! I’ve been reading Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron: Being A Jane Austen Mystery. This is the tenth book in this series, which I have been reading since day one. It is a historical-mystery series about Jane Austen. This book also stars Lord Byron, who I did not know much about. He has been such an intriguing character in this book, that I’ve done some extra research to learn more about him. He was such a cad, that after learning more about him, I had a nightmare that he had seduced Tertia! He definitely was the type of man that you didn’t want sniffing around your daughter!On a more serious note, I’ve also been working my way through American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation: The Fully Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of Practical Techniques. I checked this out from the library, but it has been so helpful, I intend to purchase it. I am hoping that I can start collecting seeds or using other propagation methods to grow new plants from the plants that I am already growing. Not only will this save me money, but I will harvest seeds only from the hardiest plants, which did the best in my garden. My hope is that by using this method over the years, I will be able to grow continually hardier plants with a higher yield. In regards to this year’s vegetable garden, I actually do not intend to collect any of the seeds as I have been very unhappy with the seeds I purchased. They are producing an adequate amount now, but it took three times more seeds than it should have to get a good number of plants and the plants that have grown have not been very hardy. So I will begin harvesting my vegetable garden seeds next year, hopefully. This year, I may start to propagate some of my flowers, as more flowers means more pollinators to pollinate my fruit trees and flowering “vegetables”. Not to mention, Dora and I just adore flowers.

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