Yarn Along Wednesday–May 8

Yarn Along 5-8I missed the last two weeks of Yarn Along Wednesday, because I was very busy finishing photo albums, which I made for Mother’s Day presents. Also, I hadn’t made a lot of progress on Dora’s Sunday Sweater, since I realized I had made a mistake early on and had a perfectly curved line of purl stitches on my stockinette side of the sweater. I have no idea what I did, the curve was so perfect that at first, I thought it was supposed to be there. At this point, I’m 35 rows into the sweater. I do have a few messed up stitches, because I didn’t know that there was a right and a wrong to switch from knit to purl and vice-versa. So when I was incorrectly switching between the two, I was ending up creating extra stitches. I corrected this as well as I could and caught it early, so hopefully it will be okay. I am very nervous now as I am going to be doing the sleeves soon and I’m worried that if I mess up, I’ll lose everything I’ve already done. I did buy a new Bolga Basket for carrying my knitting supplies, which was a relief, as the sweater was getting to be too big for my old basket.

Reading-wise, I’m reading this month’s Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, as always. I also just started reading Becoming Jane Eyre: A Novel, which I’m not far enough into to give an opinion on yet. Finally, I’m reading The Art of Feltmaking, because, even though I can needle felt very elaborate projects, I’m a complete failure at wet felting. I really don’t like working with wet wool anyway, but Dora wants to learn how to felt, so I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong with my wet felting so that I can teach her how to do it.

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