Gratitude Sunday–June 16

Card FrontSunday – Eating my first strawberries of the season from our garden. They were tender, sweet, and warm! Now I’m really looking forward to next year when the plants have a chance to mature even more.

Monday – Watching “The Red Balloon” with Dora after she got a balloon today. She was so entranced by this movie, though it is more violent than I remembered it being and that upset her some. Still,s he laughed so much at the antics of the balloon, I couldn’t help but laugh until my stomach hurt!

Tuesday – Receiving a very strange card from Dora, who picked it out, though Secunda was with her and paid for it. Dora had no idea what it said, but liked the picture (note top of post). The inside saying just cracked me up though (note photo below). It is definitely the strangest card that I have ever received!

Card Inside

Wednesday – Being almost 100% recovered from yesterday’s migraine! I forgot how bad those can be, given that I so rarely get them.

Thursday – Attending Primo’s end-of-year presentation for the special-needs college program that he is enrolled in (he is learning life skills, in addition to an associate’s degree). He has come so far and I am so proud of him!

Friday – Listening to Dora’s happy humming while she was coloring.

Saturday – So very grateful that Gohan’s all-over body rash was just hives and not more serious!

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