Gratitude Sunday–June 30

Wildflower and Bee

Before I begin my Gratitude Sunday post, I just wanted to let everyone to know that I will be taking off two weeks to do some blog maintenance.

Sunday – Celebrating 22 years of marital bliss today!

Monday – I assembled my new sewing table. I haven’t had one since Secunda moved back in and I lost my “office”. I finally just bought a cheap one at IKEA yesterday and set it up in our bedroom. Either I am getting better at assembling things or IKEA has improved their directions, I managed to assemble the bookcase/legs, table, and chair with nary a cuss word uttered!

Tuesday – I replaced the “Shift” key on my computer! Yea me! I’m on a roll here for fixing things. Last week, I fixed the stove, removed some malware from my computer, and repaired a part on my computer that was breaking off (my computer is particularly old, but I’m trying to hold out until they come out with a Windows version to replace Windows 8, as I have heard so many bad things about Windows 8).Tractor RidingWednesday – Primo got his first job and Dora had a blast riding the John Deere pedal tractors at the Farmers’ Market

Thursday – Enjoying the wildflower assortment that I planted in front of our rock wall. I hope to plant some taller plants to go with them in the fall, just to had a little height variety, but they have been beautiful this spring/summer and have made the yard so much more pleasant to look out at from the kitchen and family room (where I spend 50% of my day).Shadow Puppets

Friday – Enjoying Dora’s cute shadow puppet show.

Saturday – The weather cooling down nicely to make for a lovely evening outdoors.

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