Gratitude Sunday–June 9

Garden VisitorSunday – A garden visitor that likes to eat the clover in my yard, but doesn’t seem to notice my vegetable beds

Monday – Primo got his first job interview and Gohan cleaned out the disgusting compost drum for me!

Tuesday – having a picnic lunch at the park with Dora and Secunda (and seeing a little pileated woodpecker while we were there)BluebellsWednesday – My bluebells are blooming (three years after I planted them, go figure!)

Coral-Colored Icelandic PoppyThursday – a coral-colored poppy blooming, I’m not sure if I actually have multiple Icelandic poppy plants (I bought it from a nursery) or if the plants just produce multiple colors…

Friday – Dora having a nice evening playing with the neighbors

Saturday – Figuring out that Dora’s headaches are being caused by Dora watching Netflix on my phone during the long drive home from vision therapy, not by the vision therapy itself

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