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Popularity of Essay Writing Services

We all know that the popularity of essay writing services is impressive and the demand is more than just high. However, most people believe that essay writing providers get orders from lazy students who simply don’t like to write. The reality is completely different. According to essay writers working for such writing service, they’ve been getting orders from all types of students.

Some students are actually lazy and they don’t want to write. Although this is a well-known fact, a second one is more disturbing. Even smart and above average students use these services as well. They don’t have the time or they must write an essay on a topic that isn’t suitable to them, therefore they can compromise their grade.

Another fact we must mention is that students from prestigious universities use these services as well. According to a survey, the biggest number of orders come from the United States, especially from Texas, New York, and California. In other words, students from NYU, UCLA, University of Houston, Columbia and many other, prestigious universities use these services! The situation is the same when it comes to the United Kingdom. Although, these two countries use essay writing services the most, due to the language, other parts of the world use them as well. Let’s not forget Australia and New Zealand.

An interesting statistic data is that more than 90% of the users, use these services more than just once. Some of them order up to 4 essays per day. Ordering the essays frequently has certain benefits to your user account.

What Will Happen with Essay Writing Services in the Future?

This trend, where students can get an essay in a matter of hours and get a respectable grade thanks to it has been among us for more than 5 years. During that time, millions of people have used the service. We witnessed that the popularity is increasing each month, and chances are small that this trend will end anytime soon.

Another proof that confirms this claim is related to foreign students. They are the most common users of online essay writing services. If we add the data which suggest the number of these students will continue to grow, we can be positive that the popularity or essay writing services will be improved as well.

Moral judgment is actually very simple to explain. Students who use these services believe that it is the only way they can get a respectable grade. Due to the fact business and management courses are the hardest subjects, they are also the biggest reasons why students order essays online. After all, it is impeccable to have grade and average as high as possible. There is no point in having poor grades if you can change them.

The bottom line is simple. Essay writing services are popular, more than you believe, and they are going to be even more popular in the near future.

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