About Me

Hi! I’m a
Waldorf-inspired homeschooling mother of five.  My three eldest, Primo, Secunda, and Tertia, are “graduated” and are working and/or attending college. I also have a 8th grader, Gohan, and 4 year-old, Dora. I first encountered Waldorf education when my eldest was not yet in “kindergarten”. Unfortunately, I allowed a negative experience at a Waldorf workshop to chase me away. I re-encountered Waldorf in 2011 and started incorporated into Dora’s routine. Currently, I use Waldorf exclusively with her. Gohan has resisted my attempts to incorporate Waldorf into his homeschooling and custom essay writing, so I continue to use an eclectic method with him.


I love to let nature and the seasons guide the rhythm
of my life. I enjoy gardening, knitting, needle felting, sewing, jewelry making,
geocaching, reading, photography, blogging, and drinking chai.


I do have some health problems that have been making a pretty big impact on my life. I am still in a diagnostic stage, but currently am diagnosed with undifferentiated connective tissue disorder, potassium wasting, IBS, and possible narcolepsy.My doctors are working to manage my health to a level where I can do more of the things that I used to, but for the time being, I have to take things a bit easy. It is a challenge to balance my health with the demands of motherhood and homeschooling, but I am fortunate to have a supportive husband and understanding children.