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What We’ve Been Reading Wednesday–Autumn and Halloween Books

We’ve been reading several books about fall and Halloween over the last few weeks, but only a few have really stood out to us as being excellent books. Our favorite book has been Pumpkin Jack. I was a little worried that the image on the cover would scare Dora and she was a bit apprehensive about the book, but as we read the book and learned that Jack’s face was the result of him decaying, the illustration no longer scared her. What we liked about this book was that it showed how a boy’s favorite pumpkin could bring new pumpkins the following year, via the life cycle of a pumpkin. Now Dora is very excited to plant the seeds from the pumpkin that she grew this year, to grow even more pumpkins next year.

The next book that we really enjoyed was Count Down to Fall, written by Frank Hawk and Illustrated by Sherry Neidigh. The illustrations in this book are amazing. We didn’t really focus on the counting aspect of the book. Instead, we loved reading about the different trees and their leaves. I also loved the way the book used short poems to discuss the trees, as I am trying to use more poetry to Dora. Since reading the book, we’ve gone on leaf hunts, trying to find all of the types of the leaves and trees that the book discussed. Thus far, we have only found three of the trees, but it has been raining really hard here, so we haven’t been able to spend as much time looking as we’d have liked.

Finally, we enjoyed a book by Don Freeman, which was published posthumously, Earl the Squirrel. Earl is a squirrel who is friends with a girl named Jill. When Earl’s mother decides that it is time for Earl to start finding acorns on his own, Earl has no idea how to go about doing this. So he turns to his friend Jill, who gives him an acorn and a nut cracker. This does not go over well with Earl’s mother, who insists that he return the nutcracker. When Earl returns the nutcracker to Jill, she gives Earl a red scarf, which also does not go over well with Earl’s mother. Finally, Earl uses the scarf in an unexpected way to find some of the best tasting acorns that his mother has ever eaten and she is quite proud of him.

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