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Free Online Classical Curriculum

Sorry for being so quiet this week. We’ve had a bit of a lazy week and not done much of anything productive. I guess we all needed it as we all seem to be in better moods. I did want to share this link to a free online classical curriculum for grades pre-K-12 that someone posted on one of my Yahoo groups. Here is a blurb from the site:

The following is a non-religious, classical curriculum. The creators of this free online curriculum have sought to address the lack of any sound online classical curriculum for homeschoolers. Based upon the 19th-century German-Latin method and following the great-books model, this curriculum often attempts to be highbrow, emphasizing the best of occidental traditions. The following materials list can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to another curriculum. Many parents have said that this book list served as an outstanding supplement to other curricula. Our outline for classical languages, literature and history is one of the best on the internet. It is important for children at a young age to build a library of their own. Many of the titles below are classics, part of the Western Canon, books that children should keep into adulthood.

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Homeschool Art and Music Currciulum


Previously, I posted about online curriculum resources for teaching art and music, but I also wanted to post about art and music curriculum sources that aren’t online. I will also add this list to my art and music resources page, where I will update it as needed. Please let me know of any curriculums that you know of that I have not included.


  • Art Curriculum and Supplies 
    • Art for Homeschool – in addition to being able to watch this video series online, you can purchase the DVD’s. The Elements of Art Series is over 5 hours of 8 lessons covering line, value, shape, form, texture, space, and color.
    • Artistic Pursuits – This award winning homeschool art program meets the specific needs of homeschoolers at home. A variety of fun applications teach both the expressive and technical aspects of art while allowing children to make choices about what and how they will draw, paint, and sculpt.  Assignments work within the stages of artistic development of children and  guide them to mature artistic expression in the visual arts.
    • Atelier – Atelier by Arts Attack is devoted to developing and publishing high quality, easy-to-teach, DVD-based visual art lessons for children. Used extensively by homeschool parents & co-op art-teachers, Atelier is known for enabling home educators to achieve exceptional artwork from their students and for its process oriented and experiential approach to teaching – which teaches to the right side of the brain, developing learning and creative skills that enhance student performance in all areas and throughout life. 
    • Core Knowledge Bookstore – sells sets of unbound, shrink-wrapped, full-color art prints, which includes all of the artworks listed in the Visual Arts section of the Core Knowledge Sequence for the grade in question (What Your ____ Grader Needs to Know).
    • Dick Blick – has a humongous selection of all types of art materials and supplies
    • Discoveries in Art – In addition to their regular curriculum, Calvert offers enrichments. You do not need to purchase the full curriculum to use these enrichments. This two-DVD course will introduce your student to hundreds of images of paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, and photographs by artists ranging from Leonardo da Vinci to school-aged children. Projects include a self-portrait, cartoons, papier-mâché sculpture, printing, and more. Art supplies and an easy-to-use Lesson Manual are included.
    • Evan-Moor – offers a limited selection of books for teaching art to children
    • Exploring Art Media – is a guide for discovering the methods and creative techniques of the visual arts. It was expressly written and designed for the independent learner and individuals who want to improve their basic art skills.
    • Harmony Fine Arts at Home – Year-long learning plans for studying fine-arts. Plans include week by week schedules, materials and supplies lists, and an explanation of how to implement the program. You can purchase the books from their website directly, borrow them from the library, or use online resources given in the plans.
    • How Great Thou Art (Christian) – Barry Stebbing’s curriculum teaches topics like Fundamentals of Drawing & Painting, Manners & Etiquette, Journaling and much more.
    • Klutz – offers a variety of unique art and craft books/sets.
    • Miller Pads and Papers – is a discount art and educational supply warehouse
    • Mister Art– discount art and craft supply store


  • Music Curriculum and Supplies
    • Discoveries in Music – In addition to their regular curriculum, Calvert offers enrichments. You do not need to purchase the full curriculum to use these enrichments. Discoveries in Music introduces students to a variety of musical forms. Students learn about the various instrument families, study basic music theory concepts, and are introduced to important composers. Children will learn some basic skills by playing string, percussion, and wind instruments, using the included lap harp, triangle, and flutophone. The course presents thirty-two lessons on DVD.
    • Discovering Music – a music history and appreciation course
    • FJH Music Company – publishes music instruction books for a variety of instruments
    • FreeHand Music – offers music learning software and the most extensive selection of legal Digital Sheet Music and Guitar Tab Downloads available for musicians online
    • Harmony Fine Arts at Home – Year-long learning plans for studying fine-arts. Plans include week by week schedules, materials and supplies lists, and an explanation of how to implement the program. You can purchase the books from their website directly, borrow them from the library, or use online resources given in the plans.
    • McGraw Hill Higher Education – Publishers of Music: An Appreciation curriculum by Roger Kamien, which is an excellent resource for a high school music history and appreciation curriculum
    • Morton Subotnick’s Creating Music – a variety of fun software programs so that allow teachers to help and guide the children to learn the fundamentals of music theory and to create and compose music.
    • Music Wizard – software curriculum that teaches how to play the piano
    • Phonics 4 Piano – curriculum that teaches young children to play the piano or keyboard while preparing the child to read music
    • Simply Music – the “learn at home” program uses software to teach students to play the piano

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Astronomy for Homeschoolers

I just learned about an exciting new resource, Home School Astronomy. I’ve included their You Tube presentation above, but they emphasize that the actual curriculum presentations are of higher quality video. Their site states:

Each Astronomy Teaching Presentation comes with:

  1. A script for you to read from as your student views the presentation.
  2. Discussion questions throughout the presentation and at the end.
  3. Lesson Objectives, Anticipatory Sets and Warm-up Activities, Cross-Curricular and Extension Activities.

You can see a sample of the written component of the curriculum here.

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Curriculum and Resources for Teaching Social Studies in Your Homeschool

Well, summer is almost over and I am almost done with this series of posts about curriculum and resource options for homeschoolers. I have converted this series of posts into static pages, which you can see at the top of this blog. I will update the pages as I learn about changes in curriculum and/or new curriculums.

Today, I am covering social studies curriculums and resources. As with the rest of the posts in this series, I’m not covering online/distance learning programs in this post. I have a separate page set up with online/distance learning curriculums.

I must confess that social studies is not our favorite subject, we tend to be more of a math and science oriented family, with language arts coming in 3rd and social studies coming in last for the most part. Thus far, the only social studies program that we have used and really enjoyed was my daughter’s AP Psychology book. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t keep trying to find the perfect match for us.

How about you? Is your household filled with history buffs or do you struggle, like me, to bring history to life for your kids?

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Foreign Language Curriculum for Homeschoolers

Continuing with the series that I started of listing curriculum providers for various subjects, here is a list of foreign language curriculum providers. As with the rest of the posts in this series, if you are looking to use an online or distance-learning curriculum or course, please refer to this post of mine (these lists just got too long when I also include all of the online and distance-learning curriculum providers).

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Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum Suppliers

MP900439523[1] So how are you spending your summer vacation? Are you even taking a vacation from “school”? Or are you an unschooler who never “schools” to begin with? We’re taking a sort-of break. My oldest is taking a true school break, my 2nd is taking summer school classes at the local community college, my 3rd stays busy with volunteering during the summer, my 4th wants to work on science stuff and has been doing some division problems (per my request) as well as reading out loud with me, and the toddler is learning a mile a minute and generally keeps me on my toes. Plus, we’re going on fieldtrips, having guests, playing games, going to the park, and so forth. So, though we aren’t having our usual structured homeschool days and classes, the summer seems to be flying by way to fast.
One thing that I need to complete this summer is my son’s lesson plans for next year. How about you? Are you working on lesson plans or do you do them as you go (or forgo them altogether)?
In the event that you are also working on lesson plans, here are a list of language arts curriculum suppliers that may help you with your endeavor. For my list of online and distance learning curriculum suppliers, click here.)

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Free Grammar Curriculum for Your Homeschool

MP900314036[1] Yesterday, I posted about language arts curriculum that you can purchase. Today, I wanted to post about a complete grammar curriculum that is free. It’s called KISS Grammar. I have not had the opportunity to use the program, as I just learned about it recently, but it looks quite impressive.

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Up to $100 Savings on Rosetta Stone Homeschool Edition

PrintI received a notice about a discount on Rosetta Stone’s Homeschool Edition. If you are unfamiliar with Rosetta Stone, it is a very popular software program for learning a variety of languages. We used it to study Mandarin and were very happy with the results. The discount is good until September 21, 2010. You can also use the code “hsm610” when ordering by phone.

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Homeschool Math Curriculum

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Right now, I am continuing to plan what curriculum we will use next year. Ironically, I’m having a harder time planning to homeschool one child than I did when I was homeschooling four. This is largely because my son has some major learning disabilities and as a result, is years behind in certain subjects. He is entering middle school next year and I am beginning to panic about closing that gap before high school. Fortunately, his reading is coming along nicely now, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Ironically, the one subject that he has never struggled with, math, he has been struggling with some this year. Long division has been giving him fits and I have been pulling my hair out trying to help him. I have been investigating many math curriculums, as a result, in an effort to find one that presents long division in a way that makes sense to him.
I thought I’d pass on the long list of homeschool math curriculum suppliers that I have accumulated in the process. (For my list of online and distance learning curriculum suppliers, click here.)

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Homeschool Science Curriculum

It’s that time of year when many homeschoolers begin to plan and shop for the next school year. For some reason, several people I know have been looking for new science curriculum this year. So, I thought I would list all the curriculum manufacturers that I have learned about over the years. We are secular homeschoolers, but I will try to include religious curriculum companies that I know of. For my list of online and distance learning curriculum suppliers, click here.

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