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Gratitude Sunday–April 7

Pine Lake 1 - 15Sunday – A gloriously sunny day, heady with the scent of cherry blossoms and daffodils.

Monday – Dora telling me that she was taking pictures with her “Hello Kitty” camera so she could put them on her blog.

Tuesday – After an absolutely horrid day, physically speaking, spending an hour at the local lake/beach really helped to calm my frayed nerves, soothe my senses, and center my being.Pine Lake 2Wednesday – Enjoying a lovely spring evening with Dora exploring downtown, after her gymnastics class.

Thursday – Perfect dental checkups for both Gohan and Dora.

Friday – Going to see The Croogs with Dora and having an unexpectedly good time, laughing hysterically. I think that a good laugh is the best medicine on the planet!

Saturday – The first anemone of the season.

Anenome - 6

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Gratitude Sunday–The Easter Edition

Easter MuscariSunday – The first muscari of the year bloomed!

Monday – The sunset reflecting off the lake today (as in a real sunset, with the sun and everything!).

Tuesday – Pumpkin Jack has completely decayed (except for the stem) and one of the seeds has started to grow a new plant!Cherry Blossoms 9Wednesday – Cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom and the streets are lined in pink!

Thursday – The grandmother who helped me at the park today so that Dora could ride the zipline without being scared.

Friday – Finding the hidden gnome at the local preserve at the very end of our hike with friends, just when we thought we would be leaving without having found it.

Saturday – Feeling pretty good, despite the previous day’s long hike in the sunny weather, proof that the rheumatalogical medicines are beginning to help!

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Gratitude Sunday–March 24

Sunday – Dora’s response when our garage door opener broke and we opened the door manually. In order to open the door manually and keep the door in sync with the motor, Mr. Mo and I had to physically force the extremely heavy garage door up, while Secunda pushed the button. As soon as we got it all open, Dora yelled, “Yea for Secunda! She did it!”. Nightstand Reading

Monday – Books! They are like blood transfusions for my mind…

Tuesday – A working garage door. Yea for quick and efficient service at a reasonable price!Snow - Spring 2013 - 2lomoWednesday – The first day of spring.Thursday – Having a warm, safe home to shelter from the storm in. Ironically, we had some snow this afternoon, after having no snow all winter.Daffoldils 2Friday – Picking a vase full of daffodils and finding one tiny daffodil that is the perfect size to tuck behind a certain four-year-old girl’s ear.Tiny Daffodil 3Saturday – My new lotion recipe, which I will post when I have it absolutely perfected.

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Gratitude Sunday–March 17

First Daffodil of 2013Sunday – Living in a country where freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution. (Last night, I read a very upsetting story about the Partition of India and it really made me grateful to live in a country that, while having its flaws, does not have such large scale episodes of violence based on religion and/or race.)

Monday – Secunda taking Dora out for the morning, because she was feeling that I don’t get enough of a break and that she hasn’t been spending as much time with Dora as she would like to be. She took her to a pottery place, where Dora glazed a preformed pony. I thought it came out really pretty. It was all Secunda’s idea too and she wants to do it weekly! I am a really lucky mom to have such wonderful children!Ceramic PonyTuesday – The first daffodil of the season bloomed

Wednesday – Seeing Primo, who is in a special college program for students with disabilities, give a speech about job interview skills to a large roomful of people. I was so proud of him!

Thursday – Going to a bookstore and treating myself to a hardback fictional book! I feel so decadent, I usually only buy non-fiction books that I want to have in my home for reference. I get all of my fiction from the library, but I just couldn’t help myself, there were too many good books calling my name. So, not only did I actually buy myself a fictional book, but it was a new release, so only available in hardback. I feel like I just bought myself a Lamborghini or something! I’m definitely going to be making myself some cups of tea to savor this book with. Maybe I’ll even make some shortbread to go with the tea!

Friday – That Dora is old enough to entertain herself long enough for me take a nap on the couch on occasions.SeedsSaturday – Finishing planting all my seeds! I still have a few items to plant later, such as sweet potatoes, but am done for now!

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Gratitude Sunday–March 10

Sunday – The breath-taking sight of orbs of water caught in the stems of my bulbs that are starting to come up.

Monday – Dora asking me why vampires just can’t wear sunscreen if they want to go outside, after watching Hotel Transylvania (I know, I’m a bad Waldorf mommy for letting her watch that movie).

Tuesday – The toddler who climbed out of the pool, calmly walked over to the Jacuzzi, pulled down his swim trunks, and peed into to the Jacuzzi (which was closed for the day). It freaked out a lot of people, including the life guard, and technically it was gross, but I just found the whole incident hysterical. It really was a Kodak moment, except that none of us had cameras with us in the pool, of course.

Wednesday – The rain holding off just long enough for me to finish assembling two raised beds and Pinterest’s new features! You can embed pins in your post now!!!! Yea! I’m not actually sure that I’ll ever do that, but it sounds like it could be really useful.

Thursday – Knock-knock jokes told by four-year olds (note comic strip above as a reference)

Friday – My 8th grader getting up at a reasonable hour and finishing all of his bookwork in a reasonable amount of time without me having to say a word (and doing a good job on all of his work also!).

Saturday – 60 degrees and sunny! Need I say more?

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Gratitude Sunday–March 3, 2013

Helping Me Do the Weekly Menu 1
You wouldn’t kick out a dog that was giving you the full puppy-dog-eye treatment, would you?
Helping Me Do the Weekly Menu 2
You don’t mind if I just lay in your lap a little, do you?

I’ve been dealing with a lot lately and allowing myself to feel sorry for myself, as a result. I find that whether or not things are going well for me, feeling sorry for myself only makes me feel worse. I’ve begun to feel pretty low lately and clearly a change was needed, but I was having trouble figuring out how to make that change. So when I stumbled on this Gratitude Sunday linkup over at Wooly Moss Roots, I thought it would be a good thing for me to try. My goal is to list at least one thing a day that I am grateful for. This week, I found myself noticing the positive more, as I was specifically looking for something to feel grateful for. Then, at night, when I wrote down that day’s gratitude, I’d find myself smiling over whatever it was. Over the week, I began to notice a definite improvement in my overall outlook, so hopefully this is something I will stick to.

  • Sunday – Mr. Mo being so helpful with cleaning out the garage. Not only was he helpful, but he was so understanding and supportive about my actual, physical  and psychological need to be able to get at my gardening supplies without reaching over a bunch of junk, even if he doesn’t understand my love of gardening.
  • Monday – The sound of a chickadee chirping so cheerfully from our tree as we were heading out for the day.
  • Tuesday – Saltwater pools. My sinuses can no longer tolerate the heavily chlorinated standard pools, I couldn’t believe how pleasant swimming in a saltwater pool could be – it didn’t bother my sinuses at all!
  • Wednesday – Good friends who make me feel ten times better just by being in their presence, even if it is just for a few minutes of chatting while we change out car seats and our children badger us the entire time.
  • Thursday – (Today was a twofer)
    • Having a husband who not only offered, without me even hinting a little bit, to cut some cardboard for me, for some craft projects, a job I despise, largely because I invariably end up with a cardboard/paper cut, but who did it in very timely manner, despite a hectic works schedule (without needing to be reminded even!).
    • Opening the latest issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine to find one of my all-time favorite series as the first story – a Julius Katz mystery, written by Dave Zeltserman. It’s a series that combines just the right amount of levity and sleuthing for my tastes and exactly what the doctor ordered when I need to wind down.
  • Friday – A kid-friendly chocolate cake recipe that left Dora feeling very proud of her cooking abilities!
  • Saturday – All the help I got while doing the weekly menu and grocery list. This might seem like sarcasm on my part, as the “help” was anything, but help. It was just the right amount of cuteness and silliness to alleviate the tension I was feeling from dealing with our mail-order pharmacy. Dora had started playing a game on Mr. Mo’s computer and Mr. Mo needed to shower, so I thought I’d work on the meal plan in his office while she played on the computer. None of the pets is supposed to be in his office, but he left the door open on his way out. I’d been working on the meal plan for about two minutes, before the “help” began. The photos in this post tell the rest of the story (they were taken with my phone, so please excuse the quality).
Helping Me Do the Weekly Menu 3
I think you forgot to plan something for this day.
Helping Me Do the Weekly Menu 4
What’s all the excitement about? What’s going on over here and why wasn’t I invited?
Helping Me Do the Weekly Menu 5
Here Mom, I’ll help you with the cat.
Helping Me Do the Weekly Menu 6
Now, I’ll help you with the dog Mom.
Helping Me Do the Weekly Menu 7
Oh heck, you know what they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

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