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A Year Ago on Homeschool Mo–Literature Resources

I Don’t Think This Dog is Really Reading – His Eyes Are Closed!

My one-year blogoversary happened during the winter break. I was too busy with the holidays and birthdays to celebrate, but I thought I might start a weekly post where I refer back to the previous year to exhume previous posts worth looking at. Last January, I was focusing a lot on language arts resources. During this time last year, I posted about resources for teaching literature and recommended reading lists. Since then, I have created a page that contains all of my language arts resources. The page is a work in progress, but it is easier to keep one page current than to try to change several posts.

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Make Beliefs Comics




Yes, the great sites keep coming! Amazingly, I only made a small dent in weeding through all of the links I had saved to my desktop. It seems like clearing off the clutter on my desktop will be a lifelong task. Still, I did have some jewels amongst all that clutter. One such jewel was Make Beliefs Comix, which has more than 100 comic printables that encourage kids to get creative with their writing. Kids can also compose comics online.

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We Give Books Offers Free Books Online and an Opportunity for You to Make a Difference


We Give Books is a free site from Pearson. The site has many books online for you or your child to read. The books are good quality books, just like you would buy at a bookstore. Examples of titles that I have looked at are The Mitten by Jan Brett, Max’s A, B, C’s by Rosemary Wells, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, DK Books, and more. For each book that you read online, We Give Books donates a book to a leading literacy group on your behalf.

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Free Online Grammar and Writing Handbooks


I just discovered that Scott Foresman has free online grammar and writing handbooks for grades 1-6. These are excellent free resources.

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What’s Great About America Essay Contest

I just learned about another essay contest for students ages 13-18. I added it to my writing contest page, but thought I’d post about it also, so that no one misses it. It is Stossel in the Classroom’s What’s Great About America essay contest and is open to kids aged 13-18. Homeschoolers are specifically mentioned as being welcome to participate! There are multiple cash prizes.

BTW, I am not promoting any political views here.

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A, B, C, Flashcards with Vintage Art


I stumbled on these A, B, C flashcards today and thought they were really cute. I also like that they use words for the vowels that begin with short vowels, which is usually the vowel sound children learn first when studying phonics. Many flashcards might use “eagle” for “e” or “airplane” for “a”, which really drives me up the wall. These same companies might also use blends for constants, such as “snake” for “s”. I’m a bit touchy on the issue as my son has dyslexia and I can’t tell you how important it was us that he only use phonics materials that used the short vowel sounds until he really had those sounds down pat.

These images are public domain images, so are free to use. They are hosted on Karen’s Whimsy.

A-H image

I-R image


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Free Comic Creator Help’s Kids Get the Creative Juices Flowing


I recently stumbled across this comic creator, which I think could be lots of fun for kids and a great way to get the creative juices flowing. I know, I had some fun playing with it.

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Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum Suppliers

MP900439523[1] So how are you spending your summer vacation? Are you even taking a vacation from “school”? Or are you an unschooler who never “schools” to begin with? We’re taking a sort-of break. My oldest is taking a true school break, my 2nd is taking summer school classes at the local community college, my 3rd stays busy with volunteering during the summer, my 4th wants to work on science stuff and has been doing some division problems (per my request) as well as reading out loud with me, and the toddler is learning a mile a minute and generally keeps me on my toes. Plus, we’re going on fieldtrips, having guests, playing games, going to the park, and so forth. So, though we aren’t having our usual structured homeschool days and classes, the summer seems to be flying by way to fast.
One thing that I need to complete this summer is my son’s lesson plans for next year. How about you? Are you working on lesson plans or do you do them as you go (or forgo them altogether)?
In the event that you are also working on lesson plans, here are a list of language arts curriculum suppliers that may help you with your endeavor. For my list of online and distance learning curriculum suppliers, click here.)

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Free Grammar Curriculum for Your Homeschool

MP900314036[1] Yesterday, I posted about language arts curriculum that you can purchase. Today, I wanted to post about a complete grammar curriculum that is free. It’s called KISS Grammar. I have not had the opportunity to use the program, as I just learned about it recently, but it looks quite impressive.

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Homeschool Co-op 1st Summer Reading Challenge

I just posted about summer reading challenges, but today the Homeschool Co-op announced that they will be hosting a summer reading challenge. It will run June 1-August 31. Each week, they will be giving out $15 Amazon gift certificates. Then in September, they will have a grand prize drawing for an Apple iPad! Your child will get one chance to win for each hour he has read since June 1st. You must be a co-op member, which is free and I highly recommend as they have all sorts of  awesome deals for homeschoolers.

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