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Making Window Stars

Window Star 18Last week, I was going to tell a story to Dora that involved star flowers. So I thought it would be fun to make some window stars. I’d never made window stars before. The only thing that challenged me was my own mentality that paper folding crafts should stay together by themselves, as with origami. It really bugged my OCD-ish senses to use glue and tape! Otherwise, the process was pretty straightforward. I used this video from Sarah from Bella Luna Toys to get us going.

To make a basic window star, start with a piece of Kite Paper. Fold the paper in half length-wise and width-wise. Then open the paper back up.Window Star 1Bring the corners in to the center lines, like this.Window Star 2Fold two of the sides towards the middle like I did in the photo below (I only show one side folded, so that you can see the difference, but you would fold both sides).Window Star 3You will end up with a kite-like shape. Fold eight of these shapes and then join them with a little bit of glue (that dries clear), applied to the center line, as seen below.  When you come to the last “kite” you will need to tuck it under the first “kite” so that it layers properly.Window Star 4You will end up with an eight-pointed star that looks something like the star in the picture at the top of this post. You can attach your stars to your window using small pieces of double-sided taper. I then decided to experiment and made an extra fold for each star point. I ended up with some rhombas-like shapes.Window Star 5This small adjustment meant that I needed 16 star points for my star! Window stars are a great way to learn about geometry by the way. I messed up a little on this star, in that my folds don’t all go the same way. This did not become apparent until I hung the star on our window and I could see the gaps in the inner shadowy circle. With window stars, the inner shapes that are made by overlapping pieces of paper are almost as important as the outer shape, so I will need to pay more attention to that the next time we try this.Window Star 7

If you are interested in trying to make window stars and want to take things a bit farther, there are two good books that can provide ideas and inspiration. They are both available through Amazon. If you know of any other good sources for window star designs, please mention them in the comments below. I am totally in love with making these and though Dora can’t fold the paper quite right yet, she loves helping to pick out the color schemes.

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