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Fairy Tale Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets 6

When Dora was a a baby, I happened to see a set of shadow puppets at a small baby store, which has since gone out of business. For some strange reason, I bought them, knowing that I wouldn’t use them for years, which is very unlike me, as I am the “anti-packrat”. This week, I finally brought them out to play with. I used Dora’s little table as a “stage frame” and taped a piece of yellow kite paper to one side as the “screen”. We found battery-operated lanterns to be the best light source, as flashlights created bright, concentrated circles on the “screen”. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Mr. Mo came home early with his mother right as we were about to begin our plays. So Mr. Mo got to tell some shadow puppet stories, as did Secunda, who also happened to be home. The bad part of the whole affair was that the excitement of getting to to put on shadow puppet plays, combined with Daddy coming home early, and Grandma visiting left Dora bouncing off the walls. Dora loved the puppets though did not always like our storylines and started telling us that she was the “boss”. The difficulty with shadow puppets, that one does not experience with hand puppets, is that if one wants to watch the show, one can’t be manipulating the puppets at the same time. Overall, however, I’d say that this made for a great rainy day activity!

Shadow Puppets 4

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