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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day


Green Happy Saint Patrick's DayThis was going to be a “Homeschool Mother’s Journal” post, but I really just don’t have that much to say about our homeschooling right now. We didn’t go anywhere particularly special or do any spectacular homeschooling projects this week, so I just don’t have anything to say about it all. I started to write about Saint Patrick’s Day for the “in my life this week” portion of the post and decided that I had enough to say about Saint Patrick’s Day, that I’d just roll with it. Before you read about my apathy towards Saint Patrick’s Day, I’ll ask you all, “What do you do for Saint Patrick’s Day?” Besides wear green, of course…

So Sunday is Saint Patrick’s Day and I have absolutely nothing special planned. Every year on Saint Patrick’s Day, I feel like I am spitting on my Irish heritage (both Orange and Green), because I never do anything to honor the day. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fear of being pinched, I probably wouldn’t even remember to wear green. I don’t  know why I don’t feel more strongly about the holiday…. Maybe it’s because the one time that I decided to go all out and wore ALL green, during junior high school, Andrew Cunanan, who later went on to become the famous spree killer that killed Versace, told me, loudly and dramatically of course, because that was how Andrew did everything, that I looked like a giant tree (I was 5’ 10” in 8th grade, so taller than most of the kids in my grade). I’ve never felt good about wearing green since and I have refused to wear Kelly green, in particular.

Then there is the 2nd time that I decided to really give the whole “Saint Patrick’s Day” thing a good ‘ol school try and went with some friends to a pub that was having an Irish singer. The Irish singer had canceled at the last minute. I don’t even know what type of music the new singer sang, but he had a unique talent. He could sing any country song that you could name in reggae style. He challenged the crowd to name a country song that he couldn’t sing in reggae style. The crowd was pretty drunk and pissed that the Irish singer had failed to show up and they weren’t cooperating. I felt sorry for the guy and it so happens, had gone through a Kenny Rogers phase, so I suggested The Gambler. Sure enough, he sang The Gambler in perfect reggae style. It had everyone laughing hysterically and broke the ice, but we still left the pub shortly thereafter and I’ve never tried to see an Irish singer on St. Patrick’s Day since…

I guess another issue I have with St. Patrick’s Day is the food – corned beef and cabbage rank really high up on my “disgusting food combinations” list. Actually, corned beef and cabbage both rank really high up on my “disgusting foods” list, period, much less combined.

This year, as I am trying to embrace the Waldorf method, I felt compelled to try a bit harder to celebrate the festival, so I got some St. Patrick’s Day books for Dora. There really wasn’t one that I particularly liked. They all seem to revolve around characters that are selfish and like to trick people or around the religious aspects of Saint Patrick’s life (which is fine, but doesn’t fit in with our religious beliefs). Dora did get excited about trying to catch a leprechaun and was very interested in various aspects of the “end of a rainbow”. That’s really as far as we got though…

I hope that you all are able to enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day, even if it doesn’t involve anything green!

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